Assessor battling cancer wont seek third term

first_imgClark County Assessor Linda Franklin said Wednesday that she’s been undergoing treatment for breast cancer and will not seek a third term. She said she’ll stay in office until her term ends on Dec. 31.Franklin, 64, a Democrat, also responded to a remark made last week by Clark County Commissioner Tom Mielke, who endorsed a Republican candidate for assessor and said, “The Assessor’s office has experienced huge budget increases in the past four years and has not been as transparent and accountable to the citizens of Clark County as it should have been.”The office’s two primary functions are to determine the assessed, and therefore taxable, value of properties in the county, and maintain mapping data through the GIS department, which also has the responsibility of producing the county’s road atlas.Mielke said he didn’t want to criticize Franklin personally, so he phrased it as “the office.”Franklin said it was a distinction without a difference.“When people attack my office, they are attacking me,” she said. “I’ve never been so disappointed in an elected official.”She said she and other elected county officials work with commissioners to get a balanced budget.The budget process is driven by the commissioners, she added, and so it should be “transparent” to Mielke.Franklin said Mielke can endorse whomever he wants, but she didn’t like how he “politicized the budget process.”“I’m concerned with what the property owners in the county think. They need to be confident that we are doing the best job we can.”Mielke said Wednesday that he was sorry to learn that Franklin has cancer, but he stood by his critique.“I’m sorry she took it personally. Could you imagine how I’d be if I took everything that was said about me personally?” Mielke said.last_img

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