Heritage students energy plan honored

first_imgIt’s called the Imagine Tomorrow competition.Each spring, high school students head for the Washington State University campus in Pullman to pitch visionary solutions for today’s sticky science and engineering challenges.An innovative biodiesel program at Heritage High School is very real, however. And clear-eyed experience, blended with far-reaching expansion plans, earned a team of four students a very real grand prize.Try cold, hard cash — $5,000 apiece, no strings attached — for winners Tyler Bradley, 18, a senior; Joe Dejony, 17, a junior; and sophomores Scott Maxfield, 15, and Zachary Schulling, 15.That was only part of $41,000 won by seven Heritage teams that carried the school’s Energy Smart collaborative banner. They brought home the largest share of at least $100,000 in awards split among more than 30 schools (with all but the grand prize money going to school programs, not to individuals).This third annual trip was the most rewarding 743-mile journey yet for biodiesel instructor Jim Neiman and teaching colleagues and students.“Our presentation is what made us win. We spent a lot of time on it, really put everything into detail,” said Maxfield, who plans to apply his prize to college civil engineering studies.last_img

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