The world’s great power rivals must not underestimate American blundering

first_imgMonday 26 October 2020 4:26 am Show Comments ▼ whatsapp A perfect geopolitical allegory of the early 1940s, it finds American saloon-keeper Rick Blaine in full-fledged isolationist mode, making money at his cafe while refugees from all over Europe alight there, all in desperate hope of gaining safe passage to the US.  In addition to all this economic and cultural prowess, the US possesses by far the planet’s premier military. If China is steadily gaining on it in all these areas, it is from a low base.  Opinion I love it for its beating heart of romanticism, all lying just under the strata of the most delightful cynicism imaginable.  Beyond its admittedly dysfunctional politics, the US private sector remains the innovative wonder of the world. Its graduate schools are the envy of higher education everywhere, winning more Nobel prizes in the sciences than anyone else. Both American high culture (its authors won the Nobel Prize for Literature five times in the twentieth century) and low culture influence the planet as no other.  In such a scenario, the US will spend days adding up these mail-in results, significantly delaying confirmation of the overall outcome. In this uncertain environment, Trump will surely dispute the result, a flurry of court cases will ensue, and the most powerful country in the world will be left in limbo, with its political system discredited.  Indeed, Chinese President Xi Jinping has an impressive narrative to share with the world: that of domestic authoritarian stability, a uniquely effective (if brutal) public health service, and economic growth in a world where there is none. If the US fumbles its election results, it amounts to another data point heralding American decline and China’s rise.  Nor is China alone in being tempted by America’s present political predicament. North Korea could well resume some sort of nuclear test in the interim (reminding everyone of its existence and sole foreign policy strategy of blackmail), and Iran and Turkey may look to continue and expand their efforts at adventurism in the Middle East.  I love the peerless movie Casablanca beyond all others for its wit, intelligence, charm. This beautiful political scene in the perfect political movie encapsulates what is the pressing, immediate, political risk danger just now, as the United States enters a period of undoubted turbulence, centred around the tumultuous 2020 presidential campaign: that the world sees only the blundering chaos of America, and forgets the innate strength.  whatsapp Share The world’s great power rivals must not underestimate American blundering First, to the blundering. We could well be living (my political risk firm puts the percentage at an alarmingly high 50 per cent) in a chaotic post Election Day environment where Donald Trump will have an early lead that is steadily eroded, due to mail-in ballots (which favour Democrats) being counted after in-person voting. center_img Against the backdrop of America’s inward-looking and domestic chaos, the rest of the world will surely view US political haplessness with disdain, and may not stand still.  John HulsmanDr John C. Hulsman is senior columnist at City A.M., a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and president of John C. Hulsman Enterprises. He can be reached for corporate speaking and private briefings at Main image credit: Getty The United States is entering a period of undoubted turbulence (Getty Images) But most of all I love it for its politics.  I would merely remind all of them of the world-weary wisdom of Captain Renault. America has been the global ordering power since 1945, and remains so still, regardless of what may or may not happen after Election Day. They would be wise to not underestimate it.  More From Our Partners Police Capture Elusive Tiger Poacher After 20 Years of Pursuing the Huntergoodnewsnetwork.orgRussell Wilson, AOC among many voicing support for Naomi Osakacbsnews.comAstounding Fossil Discovery in California After Man Looks Closelygoodnewsnetwork.orgBiden received funds from top Russia lobbyist before Nord Stream 2 giveawaynypost.comA ProPublica investigation has caused outrage in the U.S. this weekvaluewalk.com980-foot skyscraper sways in China, prompting panic and evacuationsnypost.comNative American Tribe Gets Back Sacred Island Taken 160 Years Agogoodnewsnetwork.orgSupermodel Anne Vyalitsyna claims income drop, pushes for child supportnypost.comBrave 7-Year-old Boy Swims an Hour to Rescue His Dad and Little The United States is entering a period of undoubted turbulence (Getty Images) Also Read: The world’s great power rivals must not underestimate American blundering But here it is time to take a very deep breath. For it is in this febrile environment that a China — which has recently been throwing its weight around in Hong Kong, over the Himalayan border with India, and in the sky and seas around Taiwan — could well make a fatal error regarding American bungling. For twentieth century history is riddled with the graves of regimes that underestimated the United States, from the Kaiser and Hitlers’ Germany, to Imperial Japan, to Stalin’s Soviet Union.  First and foremost, rising China — the world’s only other superpower — will reap a huge propaganda reward from all this election bungling. Ironically, despite the coronavirus originating in Wuhan and the Communist Party’s negligent effort in limiting its spread, Beijing is emerging as the real beneficiary of the immediate post-pandemic world.  Beijing must not strategically miscalculate in Asia or it will rue the day that it did. A basic lesson of the twentieth century is this: underestimate America at your peril.  The United States is entering a period of undoubted turbulence (Getty Images) Also Read: The world’s great power rivals must not underestimate American blundering Vile Nazi Major Strasser has been sent from Berlin to put a stop to this, and to assess the unaffiliated American. Content that Rick is just “another blundering American”, Strasser relaxes and has a drink at Rick’s. Cynical, wise, and very funny (he really is a cinematic treat), Vichy functionary Captain Renault has the perfect political risk rejoinder: “We mustn’t underestimate American blundering. I was with them when they blundered into Berlin in 1918.”   City A.M.’s opinion pages are a place for thought-provoking views and debate. These views are not necessarily shared by City A.M.last_img read more

News / It’s back to the drawing board for the P3 alliance as the fallout impacts the sector

first_img In the view of transport consultant Drewry, the Chinese regulators’ veto of the P3 Network last week is likely to hamper the much-needed stabilisation of the overcapacity-plagued and unprofitable ocean carrier industry.However, Drewry’s Container Insight Weekly says that, driven by economy-of-scale cost savings, the development of formalised vessel sharing and operational co-operation between the major carriers “will not stop here”.CIW analyses the fallout from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MofCom) decision to block the world’s biggest carrier alliance on the basis that the P3’s 46.7% combined market share of Asia-Europe sea trade would have infringed the country’s competition laws.Drewry suggests the ruling, which cannot be appealed, “inhibits the carriers’ ability to reduce costs by pooling assets and controlling overcapacity” – a view seemingly also taken by disappointed investors in Maersk, which saw its shares plunge 8% after the news.Maersk, MSC and CMA CGM were anticipating significant savings: for example, the P3’s Asia-North Europe sailings would have been reduced from the current nine loops a week to eight.According to Drewry, the three carriers now need to “revisit their cost optimisation models, which will be a challenging task”. But as Maersk and CMA CGM were profitable without the P3, and MSC is assumed to be also, the Chinese decision is “not a complete disaster”, suggests the analyst.Moreover, the carriers will still be free to continue their numerous vessel-sharing and slot-exchange agreements on the transpacific and Asia-Europe tradelanes, and Drewry speculates whether the carriers might still decide to run a joint service on the transatlantic route, for which the US and EU regulators have already cleared the alliance.Meanwhile, for its rivals, including the two state-owned Chinese carriers, the blocking of the P3 “removes the threat of a very powerful mega-alliance”, but Drewry also suggests that the industry will now have an even bigger struggle to control capacity.For the ports and terminals sector, the P3 cancellation is a mixed blessing, as it was seen as both a “risk and an opportunity” for the industry: the P3’s mighty buying power of huge volumes would have been able to influence stevedoring rate negotiations with terminals; while “new business could be won by those with the necessary resources”.Meanwhile, following a disastrous first quarter and subsequent months when general rate increases (GRIs) were eroded within weeks of implementation, salvation would seem to rest with the latest batch of GRIs due to be implemented in July,  ahead of the crucial peak season opportunity for carriers to return to profitability,But against the backdrop of the P3’s demise, the prospect of these GRIs sticking on the troubled Asia-Europe tradelanes have diminished, given that last week the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index shed $76 per teu for Mediterranean destinations and $82 per teu for north Europe, taking the latter’s spot rate down to just $1,120 per teu. By Mike Wackett 23/06/2014last_img read more

Could safer porn promote safer sex?

first_img Watch: Charlie Sheen’s doctor wants you to know he’s no Hollywood quack Keren Landman HealthCould safer porn promote safer sex? About the Author Reprints Related: A proposal to require all porn actors in California to wear condoms on set is meant to protect the performers from sexually transmitted infections.But some public health experts are hoping it will protect the public as well — because when it comes to porn, a growing body of evidence suggests that in some cases, viewing leads to doing.In particular, researchers say the growing popularity of unprotected sex in gay porn may be playing an important role in the persistence of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections among gay and bisexual men. So they’re hoping the reverse might be true, too: Requiring actors to wear condoms on screen could encourage porn viewers to wear them in real life.advertisement @landmanspeaking It echoed a similar study, also funded by the NIH, that was published in 2013. It, too, described a dose-response relationship between watching and having unprotected anal sex among gay and bisexual men.The author of the 2013 study, epidemiologist Simon Rosser of the University of Minnesota, notes that watching porn in general — even watching a lot of it — doesn’t increase the risk of having unsafe sex. The correlation only holds with porn depicting unprotected anal sex.These studies don’t prove causation, but Nelson said she hears it from the men she talks to for her research: “They all say, ‘There’s no doubt this is impacting behavior in the community,’” she said.California workplace regulations already require employers to take measures to prevent the spread of disease, but the adult film industry has argued that the language is vague and doesn’t require its actors to wear condoms. The proposed update would make that requirement explicit. It would also compel adult film producers to cover costs of vaccinations, testing, and medical monitoring related to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Tags HIVsexSTIcenter_img A new approach to reducing HIV infections shows promise By Keren Landman Dec. 17, 2015 Reprints Eric Schrimshaw, a health psychologist at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health, coauthored a study last year that found 34 percent of gay porn featured unprotected anal sex.And a separate study last year by Kimberly Nelson, a clinical psychologist at Brown University, found that gay and bisexual men were more likely to have unprotected anal sex if they had watched such risky behavior online in recent months. Not only that: Their risk increased in direct proportion to the amount of condomless porn they watched. That study was funded by the National Institutes of Health.advertisement Proposed regulations in California would require all porn actors to wear condoms while filming. Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images Related: [email protected] The state regulatory board is expected to vote on the proposal in February. If approved, the rules will take effect in July 2016. Willful violations of the standards are punishable with a fine of up to $70,000.The Free Speech Coalition, the trade association for the adult entertainment industry, opposes the regulations. Industry representatives have argued that the regulations were designed for health care settings and are “unworkable” on film sets, and that they remove performers’ control over their own sexual health.“We focus on performer choice — it affects them more than the rest of us,” said Mike Stabile, a spokesman for the organization. Plus, he said, the recent availability of drug regimens that can help protect against HIV infections means that condoms are no longer the only way to safeguard performers.But Schrimshaw, the researcher at Columbia, said condom use is still critical for preventing sexually transmitted disease. He said the regulations are a step in the right direction — though he noted that they won’t affect porn filmed outside California.Nica Noelle already requires all her actors to use condoms for the porn she directs at the Icon Male studio in New Hampshire. But she’s not happy about an industry-wide policy — especially if it’s being sold as measure to improve public health.“Now the adult industry is responsible for the sexuality of society at large? No,” she said. “That’s not fair, and that’s not right.”last_img read more

Prime Minister to publish roadmap for cautiously easing COVID restrictions

first_imgPrime Minister to publish roadmap for cautiously easing COVID restrictions The Prime Minister will today set out the government’s roadmap for cautiously easing lockdown restrictions in England.Cabinet will meet virtually this morning to discuss the plan, the Prime Minister will give a statement to Parliament in the afternoon, and host a televised press conference in the evening.He will set out the latest data on infection rates, hospitalisations and deaths, as well as early data showing the efficacy of vaccines.The roadmap for leaving lockdown, which will be published on on Monday, will seek to balance health, economic and social factors with the very latest epidemiological data and advice.Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:Today I’ll be setting out a roadmap to bring us out of lockdown cautiously. Our priority has always been getting children back into school which we know is crucial for their education as well as their mental and physical wellbeing, and we will also be prioritising ways for people to reunite with loved ones safely.Our decisions will be made on the latest data at every step, and we will be cautious about this approach so that we do not undo the progress we have achieved so far and the sacrifices each and every one of you has made to keep yourself and others safe.We have therefore set four key tests which must be met before we can move through each step of the plan.The roadmap outlines four steps for easing restrictions. Before proceeding to the next step, the government will examine the data to assess the impact of previous easements. This assessment will be based on four tests which are that:The vaccine deployment programme continues successfully.Evidence shows vaccines are sufficiently effective in reducing hospitalisations and deaths in those vaccinated.Infection rates do not risk a surge in hospitalisations which would put unsustainable pressure on the NHS.Our assessment of the risks is not fundamentally changed by new Variants of Concern.The four tests are currently being met so the first step will proceed from 8 March, at which point the top four priority cohorts for vaccinations – as determined by the independent JCVI – will have received a degree of immunity, three weeks after being offered their first dose.Due to the current, relatively uniform spread of the virus across the country, restrictions will be eased step-by-step across the whole of England at the same time.The roadmap seeks to balance between social and economic impacts, whilst preserving the health and safety of the country.Outdoor settings are known to be lower risk than indoor, so outdoor activities will be opened earlier than indoor ones.MPs will have an opportunity to vote on the regulations that will enable this roadmap in Parliament in the coming weeks.We continue to work closely with the Devolved Administrations as we have throughout the pandemic. They are setting out approaches for easing for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. /Public Release. This material comes from the originating organization and may be of a point-in-time nature, edited for clarity, style and length. View in full here. Why?Well, unlike many news organisations, we have no sponsors, no corporate or ideological interests. We don’t put up a paywall – we believe in free access to information of public interest. Media ownership in Australia is one of the most concentrated in the world (Learn more). Since the trend of consolidation is and has historically been upward, fewer and fewer individuals or organizations control increasing shares of the mass media in our country. According to independent assessment, about 98% of the media sector is held by three conglomerates. This tendency is not only totally unacceptable, but also to a degree frightening). Learn more hereWe endeavour to provide the community with real-time access to true unfiltered news firsthand from primary sources. It is a bumpy road with all sorties of difficulties. We can only achieve this goal together. Our website is open to any citizen journalists and organizations who want to contribute, publish high-quality insights or send media releases to improve public access to impartial information. You and we have the right to know, learn, read, hear what and how we deem appropriate.Your support is greatly appreciated. All donations are kept completely private and confidential.Thank you in advance!Tags:Boris Johnson, children, conference, education, Government, health and safety, infection, Ireland, lockdown, Minister, pandemic, parliament, Prime Minister, Scotland, UK, UK Government, Vaccines, wellbeinglast_img read more

CROSQ Urged To Adopt Standards Management System For Micro Enterprises

first_imgRelatedCROSQ Urged To Adopt Standards Management System For Micro Enterprises FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Reginald Budhan has called on the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ), to explore adopting a standards management system, tailored for micro enterprises.He said the need for such a system is critical, as Small Island Developing States are largely dominated by micro businesses that do not have the level of specialisation nor human resources to implement an ISO 9001 system.“Yet, those businesses are expected to produce the same standard and quality and export to the European Union (EU), for example, and compete with large transnational corporations. If CROSQ is going to be relevant to us, it must develop, adapt and adopt standards that are applicable to the vast majority of micro enterprises that dominate the small island states of CARICOM,” he asserted.Mr. Budhan was addressing the opening of the 17th CROSQ Council Meeting at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston, today (October 19).The Permanent Secretary pointed out that even while the Ministry continues to encourage businesses to be ISO certified, it faces the challenge of small enterprises being able to meet these standards, because of their size.Meanwhile, the Permanent Secretary noted the increasing loss of preferential treatment and competition that developing economies face, and that in light of this, CARICOM nations must focus on increasing the competitiveness of their export sectors, through improved products, enhanced service, economic efficiency and greater standardisation.He said it is now imperative that CARICOM engage other nations in the global economic arena. “The European Partnership Agreement, for example, gives regional manufacturers and service providers access to some 27 markets of the EU. Conversely, their products will also have access to our markets. It is incumbent on exporters to be capable of satisfying technical and quality requirements of their customers abroad, as well as the health and safety and environmental rules of the importing nations,” Mr. Budhan emphasised.He argued that quality requirements, which are essential to trade, are usually embodied in standards, and that exporters can derive great benefits from obtaining ISO certification, including increased market share; more profit margins; significantly reduce documentation; improve organisation efficiency and reduce cost incurred by conformity assessment procedures that are necessary to enter new markets.Chairman of CROSQ, Dianne Lalla-Rodrigues said that the face of global trade is changing, with the intensive and extensive movements of persons and goods and services, and that this is further enhanced by the various trade agreements that CARICOM has signed with developed nations. In most cases, she noted, these nations have fully developed regulatory and business systems.Mrs. Rodrigues said these systems have become increasingly important as tariffs are eroded and developing nations are faced with the task of building their own systems with very limited human and financial resources, even as governments face serious challenges in maintaining their revenue streams.”CROSQ is one of the region’s responses to these challenges in building crucial business support systems and regulatory systems,” she noted.The Organisation’s mandate is the establishment and harmonisation of standards to enhance the efficiency and improve quality in the production of goods and services in CARICOM, to protect the consumer and the environment, and to improve trade within the Community and with other states. RelatedCROSQ Urged To Adopt Standards Management System For Micro Enterprises CROSQ Urged To Adopt Standards Management System For Micro Enterprises CommerceOctober 20, 2010center_img RelatedCROSQ Urged To Adopt Standards Management System For Micro Enterprises Advertisementslast_img read more

City of Malibu Offers Free Disaster Preparedness Class for Seniors and People with Disabilities

first_imgHomeBriefsCity of Malibu Offers Free Disaster Preparedness Class for Seniors and People with Disabilities Feb. 08, 2020 at 5:00 amBriefsEducationEventsNewsCity of Malibu Offers Free Disaster Preparedness Class for Seniors and People with DisabilitiesGuest Author1 year agoCity HalldisabilitiesFree Disaster Preparedness ClassMalibuseniors As part of ongoing efforts to enhance community-wide disaster preparedness, the City is offering two free courses on disaster preparedness for seniors and people with disabilities or mobility issues on Tuesday, February 18, 8:30 AM and Tuesday, March 3, 8:30 AM at Malibu City Hall.“Malibu has a whole-community approach to emergency preparedness,” said Mayor Karen Farrer. “Seniors and people who have mobility challenges are an important part of our community and are particularly vulnerable during a disaster. We have to ensure that they and their families are prepared, and that our emergency planning takes them into account.”Older adults and people with disabilities or mobility challenges will learn how to prepare for wildfires, earthquakes or other disasters. Will you be able to safely and quickly evacuate during a disaster if you rely on a wheelchair, oxygen or other medical devices, or if you do not drive?Participants aged 55 or older who complete the class will receive a free emergency preparedness kit. Photo ID is required to receive a kit.To register for either class, visit For more information or to register by phone or email, call 310-456-2489 ext. 368 or [email protected] by Matt Myerhoff, Malibu Media Information OfficerTags :City HalldisabilitiesFree Disaster Preparedness ClassMalibuseniorsshare on Facebookshare on Twitteradd a commentImmigrants embrace activism awaiting word on DACA’s future1 dead, 5 injured in Los Angeles residential building fireYou Might Also LikeFeaturedNewsBobadilla rejects Santa Monica City Manager positionMatthew Hall6 hours agoBriefsLos Angeles Sheriff’s deputy accused of destroying evidence of 2019 assaultAssociated Press10 hours agoBriefsCalifornia State Treasurer Fiona Ma to Speak at Online Santa Monica College Commencement Ceremony June 25Guest Author10 hours agoFeaturedNewsDowntown grocery to become mixed use developmenteditor17 hours agoNewsBruised but unbowed, meme stock investors are back for moreAssociated Press17 hours agoNewsWedding boom is on in the US as vendors scramble to keep upAssociated Press17 hours agolast_img read more

AT&T closes FiberTower spectrum deal

first_img AT&TAT&T AT&T pushes cybersecurity to public sector AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to MoreAddThisMore 12 FEB 2018 Home AT&T closes FiberTower spectrum deal Author US chip funding tipped to top $150B Tags Diana is Mobile World Live’s US Editor, reporting on infrastructure and spectrum rollouts, regulatory issues, and other carrier news from the US market. Diana came to GSMA from her former role as Editor of Wireless Week and CED Magazine, digital-only… Read more Previous ArticleThird MVNO launches in SingaporeNext ArticleT-Mobile US chief believes 5G could accelerate M&A AT&T closed a $207 million acquisition of FiberTower, adding hundreds of mmWave spectrum licences to its portfolio.In a statement, the operator said the transaction provides it with a “significant footprint in the 39GHz band,” with an average of more than 375MHz of spectrum in the top 100 US markets. AT&T added it will use the airwaves to help deliver on its plan to launch mobile 5G in a dozen markets by the end of this year.The news comes just after FiberTower cut a deal with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to settle ongoing litigation which was preventing transfer of the licences to AT&T. As part of the deal, FiberTower agreed to surrender all of its 24GHz licences and a portion of its 39GHz holdings, but retained approximately 478 licences in the latter band.Approval of the FCC deal came despite the objection of groups including the Competitive Carriers Association, which urged the regulator to take back FiberTower’s licences and auction them off to interested operators instead. The FCC said in January the 24GHz licences reclaimed as part of the settlement will be auctioned to expedite 5G deployments.FCC commissioner Mignon Clyburn also protested the agency’s approval of the transaction without a vote by the full commission. Clyburn said in a statement she would not necessarily have voted against the approval, but claimed the FCC’s analysis of the deal is “lacking”.“I believe that our statutory obligations, under the Communications Act, requires us to do more than simply consider whether AT&T’s 39GHz holdings, post-transaction, exceed 1850 megahertz of millimetre wave spectrum. The Commission should also consider whether AT&T’s substantial holdings in other spectrum bands, including below 1GHz, together with these 39GHz licences from FiberTower, could result in potential public interest harms.” Amazon reels in MGM Diana Goovaerts Relatedlast_img read more

Cut Line: Phil’s bombs; Brooks’ social blast

first_imgPhil Mickelson highlights this week’s edition as he steps in to become the face of golf in the Coachella Valley and returns to the PGA Tour poised to “hit bombs.” Made Cut Expressly improved. Since Bob Hope passed in 2003 the comedian’s namesake stop on Tour has had four different sponsors and four different hosts, but officials finally have a reason to be optimistic. This week’s event marks the debut for a new host, Mickelson, and a new sponsor, American Express, and the high-profile duo delivers two things the tournament has desperately needed – cachet and stability. “To take on the host role and have a partner as such a global icon as American Express helping to get this tournament to elite status again is something I’m very excited to be a part of,” Mickelson said. Tournament director Jeff Sanders has also proven himself adept at creating a fan experience around tournaments, but the scheduling challenge remains the same for the event that is wedged between the Hawaiian swing and Torrey Pines. Most of the game’s top players will make their annual debuts next week at the Farmers Insurance Open and the pro-am format is a tough sell to the modern professional. But if Phil and Co. can turn things around in the desert it will be one of the greatest recoveries of Lefty’s career. What’s Left? Speaking of the host with the most, Mickelson begins his 28th full season on Tour this week and the soon-to-be 50-year-old doesn’t appear to have any interest in slowing down. “When I stop hitting bombs I’ll play the Champions Tour, but I’m hitting some crazy bombs right now,” joked Mickelson, who hits the mid-century mark in June. “No, I still have speed, there’s no reason I couldn’t play out here. I hit the ball every bit as far.” News & Opinion As 50 approaches, Phil isn’t riding off into the sunset BY Rex Hoggard  — January 15, 2020 at 3:15 PM Phil Mickelson isn’t riding off into the sunset as he approaches his 50th birthday. Like Tom Brady or Vince Carter, Mickelson is displaying ageless brilliance as he enters a new chapter. Late last year Mickelson shed 15 pounds with a new diet and arrived at The American Express with a bullish outlook for the new season, with his sights set on this fall’s Ryder Cup and June’s U.S. Open at Winged Foot, where he infamously finished runner-up in 2006. Lefty also changed the long-standing narrative with his transition to his best self and appears to have become a paradigm of fitness on Tour. “Seeing all these guys who are older than me in the gym and I’m like, why am I not? I mean, if they’re working that hard, you see Phil and them, and so I had to turn that around to feel better about myself, first and foremost, and then my game will never be that far off,” said first-round co-leader Grayson Murray. Yep, that’s a thing that happened: Phil Mickelson cited as an example of fitness on Tour. Take that, Tiger Woods. Tweet of the week:  On Day 1 Merritt was paired with Laurent Hurtubise who was born with one arm and he had a front-row seat to the amateur’s hole in one on the fourth hole at the PGA West’s Stadium Course. Made Cut-Did Not Finish (MDF) A new pace. The Tour unveiled its new pace-of-play policy this week and if exit polling is any indication the rules are, at least in theory, a step in the right direction. Among the highlights of the new plan, which begins in April, the Tour has shifted the focus of its pace-of-play efforts to individuals, specifically the individuals who have become chronically slow. The circuit will create an observation list for players who average 45 seconds or more per shot according to ShotLink. Those players, which are currently about 10 percent of the Tour, will be subject to special monitoring during rounds. News & Opinion Tour’s new pace-of-play policy a step in right direction BY Rex Hoggard  — January 14, 2020 at 2:45 PM The PGA Tour’s new pace-of-play policy is not the final answer to fix slow play, but it’s a start, and for those who have watched the issue ebb and flow its way through the decades it’s a reason to be optimistic. “This new policy is going to be interesting for the bottom 10 percent who start off on the clock Thursday morning,” Charles Howell III said. “When you’re in one of those first couple of groups it already has your attention because you know there’s nobody in front of you and the officials are out there [to time groups]. With this new rule I think it could make a pretty big impact. If you’re in one of those first few groups and you’re on that list, you could see guys turning really fast.” But any improvements will depend on the Tour’s will to enforce the new rules and that hasn’t seemed to be the case since the circuit started policing pace of play in 1994. “There’s already rules in place for how many seconds you get to play a shot, so it seems to me that if the current rules that are already in place are enforced then we don’t have a problem,” Howell said. Tour officials now have a way to speed things up, but it remains to be seen if they have the will. Poking the bear. If we’ve learned anything about Brooks Koepka the last few years it’s that he will take any slight, be it real or perceived, and channel it into championship-winning performances. Knowing this is the case, it’s curious why Bryson DeChambeau decided to – even playfully – tempt fate. DeChambeau joked this week in a Fortnite Twitch stream that he actually weighs more than Koepka following some intense off-season gym time and that, “I don’t know if [Koepka’s] genetics even make him look good. Did you see the [ESPN]Body Issue? He didn’t have any abs. I have abs.” Grill Room Brooks to Bryson: I’m 2 majors shy of a 6-pack BY Nick Menta  — January 16, 2020 at 9:15 AM In response to Bryson DeChambeau abdominal comments, Brooks Koepka conceded that he is indeed two majors short of a six-pack. Per the status quo in recent years, Koepka scored the last punch, opening with a 66 at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship to clip DeChambeau by six strokes and then piled on with a social media haymaker: “You were right [DeChambeau] I am 2 short of a 6 pack.” Missed Cut Freedom of speech. The lingering Patrick Reed controversy took a new turn this week when Australian Golf Digest reported that Cameron Smith had been issued a warning from the Tour following the Australian’s comments prior to last month’s Presidents Cup. Smith was asked about Reed’s penalty at December’s Hero World Challenge for moving sand behind his ball and offered a strong take: “If you make a mistake maybe once, you could understand but to give it a bit of a bulls— response like camera angle … that’s pretty up there [inexcusable],” Smith said. Morning Drive: What to make of report Tour warned Smith over Reed comments? According to the most recent report in Australian Golf Digest, “an official from the PGA Tour spoke to Smith about the remarks, essentially issuing a warning that he would be fined in the future if he made similar statements.” The Tour does have a rule that requires players to “refrain from making comments that unreasonably attack or disparage others,” but we’d leave it to a constitutional expert to decide if Smith’s comments meet that threshold. If the report is accurate, what Reed might have done in the Bahamas certainly assaults the competitive senses, but the Tour’s attempt to suppress free speech is truly egregious.last_img read more

Are Galápagos Finches “Evolution in Action”?

first_imgEvolution Are Galápagos Finches “Evolution in Action”?Wolf-Ekkehard LönnigNovember 17, 2020, 9:34 AM “A Particularly Compelling Example” Recommended The generally used term “Darwin’s finches” is a paradigm of a misnomer. See: Frank J. Sulloway (1982): Darwin and His Finches: The Evolution of a Legend. Journal of the History of Biology 15: 1-53. In contrast, the more rarely used but definitely apt term “Galapagos finches” is correct as, for example, the Hawaiian honeycreepers. “The National Academy of Sciences is a private, nonprofit, self-perpetuating society of distinguished scholars engaged in scientific and engineering research, dedicated to the furtherance of science and technology and to their use for the general welfare. Upon the authority of the charter granted to it by the Congress in 1863, the Academy has a mandate that requires it to advise the federal government on scientific and technical matters.” “Attractive in presentation and authoritative in content, Science and Creationism will be useful to anyone concerned about America’s scientific literacy: education policymakers, school boards and administrators, curriculum designers, librarians, teachers, parents, and students.” Already in its title the book confuses creationism with intelligent-design theory. For a longer review of the 1999 edition see See also Behe, Academies Press (17 November 2017).,%20Evolution,%20amd%20Creationism.pdf, (all chapters available),, K. Halland B. Hallgrimsson (2014): Strickberger’s Evolution. Fifth Edition. Jones & Bartlett Learning. Burlington. “Whereas Darwin thought that a new species would take a considerable amount of time to appear, Keller says that this paper “shows how rapidly reproductive isolation can develop.” The Grants aren’t yet ready to call 5110’s lineage a new species, a term fraught with difficulty for evolutionary biologists. “There is no non-arbitrary answer to the question of how many generations should elapse before we declare the reproductively isolated lineage to be a new species,” they say. “For the present it is functioning as a [separate] species because its members are breeding only with each other.” Sangeet Lamichhaney, Fan Han, Jonas Berglund, Chao Wang, Markus Sällman Almén, Matthew T. Webster, B. Rosemary Grant, Peter R. Grant, Leif Andersson. A beak size locus in Darwin’s finches facilitated character displacement during a drought. Science, 2016 DOI: 10.1126/science.aad8786. Email Print Google+ Linkedin Twitter Share In the second edition, the Galápagos finches (aka, Darwin’s finches) are addressed as follows (1999, pp. 10/11):  Jane Goodall Meets the God Hypothesis An accompanying figure seeks to convince the students ad oculus with the note: “The different species of finches on the Galápagos Islands, now known as Darwin’s finches, have different-sized beaks that have evolved to take advantage of distinct food sources.”7  A particularly compelling example of speciation involves the 13 species of finches studied by Darwin on the Galápagos Islands, now known as Darwin’s finches. The ancestors of these finches appear to have immigrated from the South American mainland to the Galápagos. Today the different species of finches on the island have distinct habitats, diets, and behaviors, but the mechanisms involved in speciation continue to operate. A research group led by Peter and Rosemary Grant of Princeton University has shown that a single year of drought on the islands can drive evolutionary changes in the finches. Drought diminishes supplies of easily cracked nuts but permits the survival of plants that produce larger, tougher nuts. Droughts thus favor birds with strong, wide beaks that can break these tougher seeds, producing populations of birds with these traits. The Grants have estimated that if droughts occur about once every 10 years on the islands, a new species of finch might arise in only about 200 years. [Emphasis added.] TagsDarwin’s finchesGalápagos finchesGalápagos Finches seriesGalápagos IslandsHarvard UniversityNational Academy of SciencesNature (journal)Peter and Rosemary GrantSangeet LamichhaneyScience and Creationismspeciation,Trending Let us emphasize especially, as quoted above: “The Grants have estimated that if droughts occur about once every 10 years on the islands, a new species of finch might arise in only about 200 years.” Hall and Hallgrimsson comment in their textbook (2014, p. 411): “By documenting evolution in action in natural populations, the work of the Grants has made profound contributions to our understanding of the evolutionary process”8 (emphasis added). Image: Darwin’s finches, via Wikimedia Commons.Author’s note: Are Darwin’s finches1 “a particularly compelling example of speciation” as well as “evolution in action”? In a series of posts starting today, I offer some notes on the question of whether macroevolution is happening on the Galápagos Islands. Please find the full series here. Congratulations to Science Magazine for an Honest Portrayal of Darwin’s Descent of Man Twenty-one years ago the National Academy of Sciences2 published the second edition of a book called Science and Creationism. This and the following revised editions of 2008 and 20173 are now called Science, Evolution and Creationism.4 The book is widely accepted as an up-to-date guide providing excellent information on the modern theory of evolution, defending it as the absolutely true and only scientific and realistic answer on the origin of species. That is not only for the “76 million students enrolled in U.S. schools”5 in 2020. It is also thought to provide valuable information on the topic for the English-speaking public in general.6 Share Email Print Google+ Linkedin Twitter Share In the words of Cressey in a Nature article of 2009: “Darwin’s finches” were “tracked to reveal evolution in action.”9 Or again: “Evolution in action detected in Darwin’s finches.”10 Or Sangeet Lamichhaney of Harvard University (2020): “The results indicated that diversity in HMGA2 gene allowed for a rapid evolution of smaller beak size in medium ground finch, thereby providing an evidence of a gene behind ‘evolution in action’ recorded in real time.”11 For more such examples, simply google the phrases “Galápagos finches” and “Evolution in action.” You will receive many relevant hits. 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Tracker scandal biggest robbery in history – Deputy Doherty

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