Paris Court Orders Release of Tariq Ramadan on Bail

Rabat – In  a tweet,  lawyer Francis Szpiner wrote: “The investigating chamber has just ordered the release of Tariq Ramadan subject to the submission of a fine of 300,000 euros including 200,000 to guarantee the payment of fines and damages.”After a year of denial, the 55-year-old scholar admitted in October to playing “sex games” with two women in France who accused him of sexual assault.Read Also: Tariq Ramadan Admits to ‘Sex Games’ with 2 Rape ComplainantsA member of the scholar’s defense team, Emmanuel Marsigny,  told the press that Ramadan had “relations akin to sex games of the submissive-dominant kind, but always in a consensual and knowing way.” He added that Ramadan is “relieved” and can “finally speak freely.” La chambre de l’instruction vient d’ordonner la mise en liberté de Tariq Ramadan sous reserve de la remise d’une caution de 300 000 euros dont 200 000 pour garantir le paiement des amendes et dommages-intérêts 1/— Francis Szpiner (@fszpiner) November 15, 2018Ramadan was arrested in February after several women filed complaints against him, accusing him of sexual assault and rape.In October 2017, Henda Ayari went public with a rape complaint against Ramadan, who is also a  professor.In June of this year, another woman filed a complaint against the Islamic scholar with a similar story.In September 2018, Ramadan confronted another accuser named “Christelle,” who said that he raped her in 2009 in a hotel room in Lyon, southeastern France. The court meeting lasted 10 hours.Throughout Ramadan’s hearings, the court has been denying his  medical release request.

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