Morocco and Denmark to Cooperate Against Illegal Migration and Terrorism

Rabat – Morocco and Denmark want to develop bilateral cooperation in the fight against terrorism and  illegal migration, said a statement from the department of the Head of Government, Saad Eddine El Othmani.Among other EU countries, Denmark has been facing an increasing flow of migrants in recent years. The number of people charged with being illegal immigrants in the scandinavian country has risen from  877 in 2015 to 1,348  in 2016.The Danish government has taken strict measures against the phenomenon, shifting its focus to repatriation rather than integration. In a meeting on Thursday in Rabat, El Othmani and Danish Parliament speaker, Pia Kjarsggard, brought up the subject of illegal migration.The Head of the Government suggested potential cooperation between the two countries in the field of migration,  praising “Morocco’s distinguished experience in managing the issue of sub-Saharan migrants.”“The kingdom has adopted a development approach through the strengthening of win-win economic partnerships in order to contribute to the development of origin countries,” he said.Denmark has also taken such diplomatic approach, pledging a USD 14 million  for family planning in Sub-Saharan countries, as it could help “limit the migration pressure on Europe,” according to Reuters.During the meeting,  El Othmani commended the Moroccan political model. “Under the leadership of the King, Morocco is an open, plural and democratic country where elections are held on the set dates and whose results are accepted by all parties,” he said.Meanwhile, the Danish Parliament welcomed the stability that characterizes Morocco, saying that the country is both  politically and economically stable. This leads to the prospect of developing  political and economic relations with the Kingdom of Denmark, according to El Othmani.

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