Last day of school

first_imgAt first, Tears never came and overflowed, All there was excitement Laughter, amazement and gladnessFor the final year in school about to be uncovered But during the last day, things changedTears well in my eyesThey fall in rivers I beg them to go I no longer fight it Memories and good times of the past shone,The thought of leaving clouded our minds Just like coffee all the emotions brewed A question arose Weren’t are initial words ‘can’t wait to get out of here’Then I asked why do I cry now? Where will they be? Those friends I loved the most, All the laughter and fun The teachers constant nagging Being called out by new names each day, New experiences will come Life will be free But the thought of how big, The world will be Makes me feel the loss even more Life will be a race They say that life goes on But now I want it to pause As my heart is full of joy in this place Now I never think of the last bell Until I hear it sound in my ears Until I hear all the sounds coming from the hallsGoodbye is waitedUntil the final days of this chapter Closes Forever I will remember The Simplelast_img read more