Leaked screenshot suggests Google Drive to offer 5GB free storage

first_imgWhen we last checked in on Google Drive, it looked like Google was finally going to launch their oft-rumored cloud storage service — albeit with a scant 1GB of space for your files. According to a freshly-leaked screenshot, that’s not the case: Google may be planning to one-up competitors like Dropbox and offer up 5GB for free.There are, however, some elements in this alleged screenshot that don’t quite jive. For example, everywhere Google abbreviates gigabytes on it web pages, they put  a space between the number and the GB (5 GB vs. 5GB). Google also doesn’t add text like “for Windows” to its app names. Instead, the operating system that applies to your system is typically listed below the download button.It’s also rare that Google is this cut-and-dried with their storage limitations. On Picasa Web, for example, photos up to 800×800 pixels and videos under 15 minutes in length don’t count against your 1GB of free space. On Google Docs, files you create or convert within the web apps don’t count either. Google+ offers unlimited storage for photos, and Gmail offers 7-ish gigs of space, but the upper limit is constantly changing. Google Music lets you store 20,000 songs of up to 250MB each.Would it make sense, then, for Google Drive to launch with a 5GB limit? Probably not, especially since that space will no doubt be tied in to your other Google storage, too. A 1GB base should be fine, particularly if Google sticks to their current modus operandi and offers ways for you to sidestep the limitations.Hopefully the rumors are true this time and Google Drive will finally launch in April as predicted — or at least by the time Google I/O kicks off — so we can start using it instead of just talking about it.More at Talk Androidlast_img read more