Samsung may be working on an Android flip phone

first_imgAbout the only thing missing from Samsung’s army of Android devices is a good old-fashioned flip phone. According to a report out of Korea, that may change in the very near future.The new flipper — which is reportedly called the Galaxy Folder — is said to feature an 800×480 display and a Snapdragon S4 processor. Clearly, it’s not a device that’s intended to appeal to Android power users. It’s more likely to be marketed at the same people who buy Samsung’s existing flip phones; people who are more interested in the phone than the smart.While a Galaxy flip phone might sound like a non-starter at first blush, it could actually be a wildly popular device. BlackBerry certainly thought there was a market for a phone like this, and Sharp actually offered up a high-end Android version (the Hybrid 007SH). Samsung ought to be able to put a relatively low price tag on its device, and that alone will be enough to generate interest in emerging markets, with older mobile users, and with the growing number of consumers who like the idea of pairing a dumb(ish) phone with a connected tablet. And since the Folder would be running Android, it would probably ship with Samsung’s custom apps. That means you’d still be able to chat and share files painlessly with your friends who own a more high-end Galaxy device like the GS4 or Galaxy Note 2.At this point, it’s hard to imagine Samsung not building a Galaxy phone like this. The Samsung and Galaxy brands are incredibly popular, and there’s still good money to be made selling low-end mobile phones.Let’s just hope the name isn’t set in stone. Even Galaxy Flip sounds better than Galaxy Folder.last_img read more