3 Steps to Better Email Campaigns

first_imgLeah Merrill is a Software Analyst for Capterra, where she specializes in helping membership administrators find membership management software. Ready to launch your email fundraising campaign? Before simply asking for money, make sure you’ve clearly established your value to your supporters. Why are they interested in your cause? Is your mission closely aligned with the desires of your members? If you have been working hard to build a membership community that is generous, driven, and inclined to give, they will be more likely to respond well to your email campaigns, and this will show in your fundraising results.Here are three easy ways to give your email campaigns a boost:1. Organize your email list.It’s important that you aren’t sending every person the exact same message or ask. Customize your emails by first segmenting your member list into different categories and then sending the appropriate message to each group. If you send messages that are tailored more toward each donor as an individual, they will be more likely to respond.2. Use video to grab donors’ attention.Video content is becoming more popular, and your donors will be more likely to respond if your email includes video. Get creative with your videos, and add commentary that helps add context and next steps for your supporters. YouTube Annotations is a great way to do this-it lets you embed a link in the video and then add a button that says “donate here” or a similar call to action to further prompt your donors.3. Don’t use emails just to ask for money.If you only email your donors with requests for donations, they will ignore or delete your emails. To avoid this, aim for a 3:1 ratio of informative or engagement emails to fundraising emails. This kind of outreach is more donor-centric and assures your community that they’re valuable to your organization beyond just the dollars that they represent.last_img read more