HP TouchPad 32GB on sale at TigerDirect today if youre quick

first_imgBeen waiting for your chance to pick up a dirt-cheap HP TouchPad? Well, those days are gone, my friends. But at least you can score one at a decent price if you don’t mind paying for a pile of bundled accessories — which is a nice alternative to having to buy a laptop to get a TouchPad.TigerDirect has gotten its paws on a limited number of 32GB TouchPads and is putting them up for grabs at 2:30pm Eastern today. In addition to the formerly $149, larger-capacity TouchPad (it’s the 16GB version that sold for $99), you’ll also take home a Belkin case to protect your new tablet, a FlipBlade stand, Creative Labs’ D80 Bluetooth speaker, and a 16GB HP USB flash drive. All told, the TouchPad bundle will set you back $279.That’s not a bad deal when you break down the TigerDirect package. The 32GB TouchPad originally sold for $599 back when HP wasn’t sure what the heck it wanted to do with its webOS hardware, the PC division, and everything else for that matter.Since the original fire sale, the best deal we’ve seen pop up for some of the remaining 32GB TouchPads was $240 for the tablet alone, so this is definitely in the same ballpark. As has been the case with every new batch of TouchPads that become available, you’ll need to act fast if you actually want to take one home.With the CyanogenMod team within striking distance, it’s not going to be long before there’s a fully functional, stable version of their modified Android for the TouchPad. Sure, you can get other Android tablets for less than $279 right now, but none have as much storage as the 32GB TouchPad, many don’t have a dual-core processor, and none of them will let you dual-boot webOS and Android on the same device.More at TigerDirect and PreCentrallast_img read more