Setting the record straight on several important issues

first_imgDear Editor,Comments made by Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan in East Canje earlier this month (circulated on YouTube), merit a response, for the simple reason that Ramjattan continues to expose the fact that he cannot be trusted, as he persists in peddling more untruths about various issues.Ramjattan misleads when he insists that from 2005 to 2014, the European Union (EU) gave Guyana “every year” $20 million euros as support mechanisation and other undertakings in the sugar sector. Editor, the fact of this, Guyana received some G$34.8 billion from the EU. This fact was the subject of some debate in July 2017 when the coalition Government, in error (or by design to mislead), claimed that the EU gave Guyana $348 billion. The correct figure of $34.8 billion was given by the EU last year.Ramjattan misleads when he insists that US$200 million was spent on the Skeldon Factory. Editor, it was President David Granger’s address to the National Assembly, on January 10, 2018, which made clear that the cost of the Skeldon Factory was US$121 million. Editor, even the US$121 million (about GYD$24.2 billion) spent on the Skeldon Factory is less than the GYD$34.8 billion collected from the EU in budget support.Ramjattan misleads when he insists that other factories were ignored. Editor, the investments in the other sugar estates are clearly documented, as a matter of public record.It is interesting that even as he rambles about what was NOT done to support the sugar sector under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Administration, he acknowledges, albeit tangentially, that the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition promised Guyanese that a new government would not close sugar. Again, Ramjattan misleads about this promise, as he insists that the sector is not being closed, but is being “right sized” – the coalition Government’s new favourite phrase. Lastly,Editor, one alarming comment made in East Canje was Ramjattan’s confident declaration that the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) would rule in favour of the Basil Williams-led team, in the case of the presidential term-limit challenge. I mention this because it comes on the heels of a boast by Ramjattan to at least three PPP/C parliamentarians, at a recent meeting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Constitutional Reform – where Ramjattan insisted that he has ‘inside’ information that the CCJ will rule in a particular way. Editor, such disparaging comments about the CCJ can only be treated as more misleading comments.Ramjattan has distinguished himself as the PNC-led Government’s puppet, being used to address communities that are stronghold support areas of the PPP/C. Ramjattan uses sophistry in his attempt to make a case for the coalition Government. However, his ramblings are seen as false and the Guyanese people will not fall prey to lies.Zulfikar Mustapha,PPP ExecutiveSecretaryPPP/CParliamentarianlast_img read more

Only one issue for Spector jury

first_img“I would never allow that,” said Fidler, who added, “The only verdict form they will get is second-degree murder.” Given the limited issue, the judge said, “The instructions won’t take very long to read.” Attorneys are set to present closing arguments Wednesday and Sept. 6, and the case is to be submitted to jurors for deliberations Sept. 7. Defense attorney Dennis Riordan, who argued the law on jury instructions, told the judge: “I’m sure we can all agree this is a case about who fired the gun.” The prosecution is seeking a second-degree murder conviction under the theory of “implied malice,” which requires the taking of an extreme risk that could lead to death and a callous disregard for human life. The penalty for second-degree murder is 15 years to life in prison, and a convict has to serve 85 percent of the base term before becoming eligible for a parole hearing. The standards for the lesser offenses would have been different. Involuntary manslaughter, for example, would require a finding of negligence. There is no allegation in the Spector case of the premeditation or intent required for first-degree murder. At the start of Wednesday’s session, the judge clarified the new role of Riordan, a San Francisco attorney, who came in to handle jury-instruction arguments. Spector’s wife, Rachelle, had issued a press release Tuesday night saying Riordan was hired as “chief counsel” to replace Bruce Cutler, who bowed out at Spector’s request. Fidler said the chief counsel is Roger Rosen, who effectively became leader of the defense while Cutler was often absent for several weeks at a time to tape a TV judge show. Riordan also said he is not chief counsel.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Jurors in Phil Spector’s murder trial will have only one question to decide in their deliberations: Is he guilty or not guilty of second-degree murder? Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler told attorneys Wednesday that he pondered whether there could be “lesser included offenses,” which might allow the jury to consider voluntary or involuntary manslaughter rather than murder. “I don’t see it,” he concluded. Both the prosecution and defense agreed that the legal definitions of lesser crimes do not fit this case. Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson said he wanted to be assured that he would not be sandbagged by any defense attorney telling jurors in final arguments that there might be a lesser crime involved. last_img read more

Miner fights fever as probe begins

first_img Byrd said federal mine safety officials would be called to testify before a Senate subcommittee that would hold hearings into the disaster beginning Jan. 19. “It’s time for the decisions affecting America’s miners to be made with their best interests at heart. That should be the legacy of the Sago miners.” Rockefeller said Congress had not held full oversight hearings into the federal Mine Health and Safety Administration since 2001. Among the questions investigators are sure to ask: Could the trapped miners have walked out under their own power, instead of following their training and waiting for a rescue that arrived too late? Gov. Joe Manchin said that it was too soon to tell. That opinion was also shared by Bob Friend, acting deputy assistant secretary of labor for mine safety at the MHSA. “We don’t know the exact conditions,” Friend said. “We don’t know what obstructions the miners encountered coming back in the other direction.” Another focus will be the miscommunication that led to the mistaken belief that 12 of the trapped miners had been rescued alive. That sparked a celebration at a nearby church that was halted three hours later by the devastating news of their deaths. “I am asking for that because I have witnessed firsthand the unbelievable human suffering that comes from miscommunication,” Manchin said. So far, medical examiners have completed autopsies on the miners. State Department of Health and Human Resources spokesman John Law confirmed Monday that the miners died from carbon monoxide intoxication. Drillers finished two ventilation holes and worked on a substantially larger hole. State officials have not started interviewing witnesses and said they did not know when they would begin. “We don’t want to make mistakes,” said Terry Farley, an administrator at the state Office of Miners’ Health, Safety and Training. “However long it takes, we want to get it right.” Also Monday, Manchin named J. Davitt McAteer, who oversaw the federal MHSA during the Clinton administration, to serve as his consultant, oversee the work of state and federal investigators, and issue a report on the disaster by July 1. “We will pursue every lead,” McAteer said. “We will follow every avenue of inquiry. We will take every step necessary to find the problems and to fix those problems.” 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREGift Box shows no rust in San Antonio Stakes win at Santa Anita The updates on McCloy’s condition came as three more families held funerals Monday for the miners. An overflowing crowd of mourners at the Buckhannon Union Mission Church listened as miner Jim Bennett was eulogized as a man of fiery Christian faith. The 61-year-old man who operated the mine’s shuttle car wrote a note while trapped indicating he was still lucid 10 hours after the blast, his daughter has said. “I’m as sure as I’m standing here today, I believe that down in the pits of that Sago Mine, there was one fella, not tall in stature perhaps, but was telling the boys, ‘You better get ready. We’re going to meet Jesus,”‘ the Rev. Dennis Estes said. The disaster was the worst coal-mining accident in West Virginia since 1968, when 78 miners were killed in a mine explosion in Farmington. Federal and state mine safety officials pledged to hold joint public hearings on the accident. Meanwhile, Sens. Robert C. Byrd and Jay Rockefeller, both D-W.Va., called for hearings into coal mine safety. BUCKHANNON, W.Va. – As the investigation into the Sago Mine disaster took shape Monday, the best hope for firsthand details about the explosion and its aftermath lay in critical condition, fighting a fever. Doctors treating sole survivor Randal McCloy Jr. declined to speculate on when the 26-year-old would fully wake up from a medically induced coma or to comment on the extent of any brain damage he suffered in the tragedy that killed 12 fellow coal miners. But physicians said McCloy’s brain stem appeared to be normal, and that a fever is common for patients in intensive care. McCloy was breathing on his own, although he remained connected to a ventilator as a precaution, and was responding to stimuli, doctors said. “He is likely one of the longest survivors of this sort of exposure, not only carbon monoxide, but the other circumstances in the mine, for about 42 hours,” said Dr. Julian Bailes, a neurosurgeon at West Virginia University’s Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown. last_img read more

Business of four-legged friends is booming

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWhy these photogenic dumplings are popping up in Los AngelesThanks in part to people such as Marks, the pet industry is booming. Marketers are finding success in gearing human products – organic food, designer clothing, car seats – to pet owners and their furry friends. “Products that were popular with humans, they are finding animal versions,” said Bob Vetere, president of the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association. Animal products have morphed into a cash cow, and major players are jumping on board. Disney recently introduced Old Yeller dog food in Kroger stores, and private investors agreed last month to pay $1.8 billion for Petco. The so-called humanization of pet products coincides with a growing segment of people who treat their pets like children. “More pet owners call themselves Mommy and Daddy,” said Merritt Schoch, a pet executive at JAKKS Pacific Inc. The Malibu-based company makes biscuits that profess to whiten canine teeth and chase away doggy breath. The birthday of Dakota, a buttermilk Labrador retriever, is celebrated like any other in Lisa Marks’ home – with presents and cake. On a recent afternoon at the pet boutique Bow Wow Inc. in Woodland Hills, Marks, 37, picked out gifts: peanut butter-banana-flavored Bon Bons, oatmeal shampoo to soothe Dakota’s “sensitive skin,” a fuzzy tug-of-war toy shaped like a frog head and a new pink leather collar. The tab came to $74. “She likes those little broaches that slide on her collar,” said Marks, looking at her two sons as they admired snapshots of pups that had visited the store. “She’s my girl.” At home, Marks planned to adorn a small cake with a bone for her pooch. “They are actually looking at these pets as members of their families and not animals,” Schoch said. About six out of 10 households have a pet, adding up to roughly 360 million fish, kitties, pooches and birds nationwide. All the cash spent on pets adds up to an average of 9.3 percent yearly growth since 1994, Vetere said. This year, experts estimate, the industry will grow by 6 percent. That growth towers over the toy industry, which shrank by 4 percent in 2005 to $21.3 billion, according to the Toy Industry Association Inc. Pet products and services reaped $36.3 billion in 2005. Are people spending more on their pets than playthings for their own flesh and blood? It might be so, but pets still cost a fraction of what children do. Having a pet costs roughly $1,000 a year excluding extraordinary veterinary bills, Vetere said. For a child born in 2005, a middle-income family will shell out a whopping $190,980 before he or she turns 18, said economist Peter Basiotis of the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Spending on pets doesn’t stop at toys and treats. Pet-friendly hotels and vacation destinations offer packages for those who want to bring their four-legged companion. Some vets offer pet health insurance. For the social butterfly, there’s, and The Web sites allow pet owners to create profiles of their pets, replete with photos, nicknames and pet peeves. In the marketplace, many retailers open wallets by playing into patrons’ devotion to their pets. The Web site for pet boutique Bow Wow, where Marks shopped for Dakota, reminds customers that pets deserve the creme de la creme. “Our pets give us endless hours of love and fun-filled moments of entertainment, so don’t hesitate in showing them how much you care for them,” an on-line banner reads. “They deserve all the luxuries of life, just as we do.” Neatly folded doggy T-shirts fill a round table in the Ventura Boulevard store and cost $18 each. A canvas stroller that functions as a car seat and carrier lists at $150. Sparkle and Shine Shimmering Mist, advertised as making fur shiny and moisturizing skin, sells for $18. For pet owners who want a cake their pet can eat, Three Dog Bakery in Sherman Oaks sells “celebration cakes.” The whole-wheat treats are one of the most popular items in their 40 retail stores, co-founder Mark Beckloff said. “It was like allowing people or giving them permission,” he said. “It’s OK to celebrate your dog’s birthday with a cake and invite their friends over.” (818) 713-3735160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

7 new schools open today as academic year begins

first_img“Students are the focus of the community of learners formed by teachers, principals, administrators and parents,” Romer said. “We’ve made great strides in academic achievement and remain committed to helping children learn the critical-thinking skills that will serve them, their families and their society in years to come.” Just last year, the district began the school year with what officials called the historic opening of 13 new schools. Of the 13 additional schools set to open this year, two already started this summer, seven open today and the remaining four will open later in the year – part of a program to build 155 new schools by 2012. LAUSD has built and opened 63 campuses since 2000. Only 24 schools had opened from 1972 to 1999. District leaders urged parents to make sure their children are back in school on time and ready to learn. Extra attendance counselors will be assigned to campuses in the first days to make sure pupils make it to school on time, including calling or visiting parents of students who do not arrive at school the first day. The nation’s second-largest public school system kicks off the 2006-07 school year today with the opening of seven new schools and a cloud of uncertainty with the passage one week ago of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s legislation dramatically changing the governance of the district. But Los Angeles Unified School District officials said despite the changes likely to take place in early 2007 – the school board could be stripped of a great deal of its authority, and the mayor is expected to gain a significant role in running public schools – they will continue to focus on reforms to improve student achievement, reduce the dropout rate and make sure the $19.3 billion construction program remains on track. The seven new schools – including one in the San Fernando Valley – are part of a massive effort begun six years ago by Superintendent Roy Romer toward taking kids off year-round calendars and busing and into traditional fall-summer schedules in neighborhood schools. In all, 13 new schools will be built this school year. More than 418,000 students will start today, and the 13 new schools will house more than 10,400 students. The projected enrollment this year is 712,000 – a drop from the last school year’s 727,000. About one-third of the district’s 612 campuses remain on year-round calendars. “On their first day of school, our students will walk onto campuses boosted by six years of real education reform,” board President Marlene Canter said. “They will be greeted by teachers, principals and school staff who are focused on making this the most exciting, most productive year ever. I urge parents to make sure that their children are at school on time, ready to start the new traditional school year on the right foot.” After a year of criticism from Villaraigosa that LAUSD is a failing district, leaders touted the programs they will unveil this school year to raise student achievement. Extra counselors will be assigned to 80 middle schools and high schools to work with students at risk of dropping out and try to stem the rate. District officials place the dropout rate at 24 percent. Algebra class sizes will be reduced in the eighth and ninth grades, and 17 low-performing high schools will receive $36 million to transform academics, facilities and operations. Also, incoming students in sixth and ninth grades participated this summer in the district’s Bridge Program to help them in their transition to middle school or high school. Under the legislation that awaits a promised signature from Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the mayor will oversee three of the lowest-performing high schools and their feeder elementary and middle schools, and he will have virtual veto power over the hiring of superintendents, which under the reform plan will have greater authority than ever before. Romer has announced he plans to leave in the fall, and the district is in the process of choosing his replacement. Officials at Villaraigosa’s office have said planning has already begun to implement the reform plan that would take effect Jan. 1 if signed into law, but the bulk of the changes that would affect LAUSD classrooms will likely take effect in the 2007-08 school year. (818) 713-3722160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

MOURINHO BARB: ‘Thanks Ed Woodward for two important players…but we need more!’

first_imgManchester United manager Jose Mourinho admitted he is desperate to sign another player “as soon as possible” as he aimed a thinly veiled barb at executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward.The Red Devils comfortably beat Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City in a pre-season friendly in Houston, but attention quickly turned to the transfer market afterwards.Mourinho always wanted to make four top-quality acquisitions this summer, but appears to be only halfway through that process with Benfica defender Victor Lindelof and Everton striker Romelu Lukaku having arrived so far.Both started the 2-0 win against City in the United States, with Lukaku opening the scoring in style after latching on to a fine pass from Paul Pogba and converting from an acute angle.“When I look to the team and when I look to Lukaku and Lindelof, I would like my squad to be here – my whole squad,” Mourinho said on a night when Marcus Rashford scored the other goal.“If we manage to get one more player… I am not even crying for two but if we get one player as soon as possible [that would be great] because we can see the way Lindelof is in a team, you can see Lukaku is in a team.“The understanding between the players – the Paul pass for Lukaku’s goal, the way Lukaku holds the ball and waits for support…”Chelsea defensive midfielder Nemanja Matic and Tottenham’s Eric Dier have been linked with a move to Old Trafford, while United have found Inter Milan stubborn in negotiations for winger Ivan PerisicMeanwhile, other Premier League sides have been busy in the transfer market, and Mourinho gave a hint of his frustration, particularly following West ham’s recent flurry of signings.Asked whether United could make that third signing before they fly home from America, Mourinho said: “I don’t know, I don’t know. I am not in control of that.“The credit of Lukaku, Lindelof to be here on time is not mine, the credit is Ed Woodward’s and his team.“I thank him for that fantastic work to bring us two very important players for us, but we need a bit more.“When you see the other teams in the Premier League, the way they get players and good players and important players, and you see the champions buy three fantastic, experienced players, and you see the way Man City go to the market, and Liverpool and West Ham.“I am thinking about West Ham to play the first match of the Premier League and they get Joe Hart, Chicharito and [Marko] Arnautovic. West Ham? Wow, it looks like they play to win the Premier League too, so the teams are fantastic in the market and I’m waiting for a bit more.”United feel they are fighting inflated prices brought both by the increased money swilling around and their standing in the game.“Unless you go to the clubs and you accept immediately the price tag, it is not so easy to do that,” Mourinho added.“We see other options, we see the way clubs want or don’t want to negotiate, but the market is open until August 31, but I like to work from day one and the difference for Lukaku to be with us since day one [rather than] August 29 is huge.” 1 Jose Mourinho appears to be frustrated Man United have only make two signings so far in the summer transfer window last_img read more

Everton fans ‘threatened coach driver and faked illness’ to fight Millwall fans

first_imgOn the morning of Saturday January 26, Huyton Mini Coaches sent six vehicles down to the capital from three different starting locations in Liverpool.However, one of the coaches went off the designated route and drove through central London to drop off a number of fans at Euston station.PC Michael Dacre detailed the abhorrent scenes which followed as he watched as a group of fans took ‘part in the most serious football violence seen in 28 years of policing’.Mr Szilagyi, who was driving a coach booked for a Mr Brophy, claimed he was ‘tricked’ into thinking one of the passengers required urgent medical attention. gameday cracker The average first-team salaries at every Premier League club in 2019 Lampard appears to aim dig at Mourinho for handling of Salah and De Bruyne at Chelsea REPLY Everton fan Jay Burns was slashed in the face outside The Den Sky Sports presenter apologises for remarks made during Neville’s racism discussion whoops Supporters from both clubs became embroiled in ugly battles outside of The Den before the FA Cup game in January of this year.Prior to the third round tie, the Metropolitan Police warned of a ‘much heightened risk’ and coordinated scraps planned by fans on the streets of Bermondsey.As a result of the security concerns, coach operators were forced to follow a set route to the ground – with any stops outside London forbidden by police.Strict arrival times were enforced to ensure coaches could deliver supporters to avoid potential clashes. tense Liverpool news live: Klopp reveals when Minamino will play and issues injury update latest A second coach, which left Liverpool from the same location, was forced to stop off at a Luton pub when a passenger threatened the driver 3 MOST READ IN FOOTBALLcenter_img A police dog and his officer tries to keep order during the game between Millwall and Everton in January Did Mahrez just accidentally reveal Fernandinho is leaving Man City this summer? 3 Boxing Day fixtures: All nine Premier League games live on talkSPORT Everton fans ‘threatened a coach driver’ and ‘faked illness’ in order to get off an away day coach to fight Millwall fans, an official report has concluded.The Traffic Commissioner slammed Huyton Mini Coaches for their conduct surrounding the game, despite taking Toffees supporters across the country for several seasons.A report from a Merseyside Police officer attached to Everton FC described the antics of one coach as ‘the most serious football violence he had seen in 28 years of policing’. Berahino hits back at b******t Johnson criticism – ‘I was in a dark place at Stoke’ JIBE revealed 3 Green reveals how he confronted Sarri after Chelsea’s 6-0 defeat at Man City SORRY It is understood the passengers used this diversion to sneak away as the driver then carried on his journey into London independently.The report by the by Traffic Commissioner for the North West Simon Evans concluded that the coach company caused an ‘increased risk to the public’ as potentially dangerous individuals were allowed to travel through London undetected.A second coach, which left Liverpool from the same location, was forced to stop off at a pub in Luton when a passenger threatened the driver. Following the unauthorised stop at the pub, the coach arrived late to the ground and was attacked by home supporters.The report said: “Occupants of the coach were seen throwing bottles and cans and were said to be ‘winding up’ those outside, leading to serious disorder problems.”Mr Evans found the coach’s late arrival ‘placed passengers’ safety at risk as that decision [to stop] led to a violent public confrontation on the street.’last_img read more

Money Matters: Getting the budget right for Christmas!

first_imgMONEY MATTERS: This week, DD’s Finance columnist Shona Chambers from John McColgan Financial Services give our readers some vital tips for budgeting this festive season.With Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals sweeping Irish and online retailers, I have seen many colleagues and friends take advantage of bargains to start their Christmas shopping early.Christmas is a time for good tidings and cheer, but for many people, especially those on social welfare or low incomes, the constant advertisements encouraging us to ‘Spend, spend, spend!’ can create a lot of financial anxiety over the holiday season. With that in mind, I decided to share some tips for staying within your means this Christmas.Tip number 1: Make a budget! While this may seem obvious, I can’t stress how important it is to sit down and figure out how much you realistically can afford to spend, given your financial circumstances. Once you have a budget in place, you are taking control.Tip number 2: Make a list and check it twice! Write down all essential items you need to buy, and when you need to buy them. Separate your list into grocery items, including your Christmas dinner, and non-grocery items such as presents and decorations. Once you have your list, look through it and decide if there are items you don’t need. Whittle down your list, and make a calendar. Planning your Christmas shopping will also help you avoid last-minute panic and impulse purchases, which can drive up your bills.Tip number 3. De-clutter your home! Going through your closets and attic will give you a clearer sense of what toys, clothes, Christmas decorations, etc., you already own, so that you can avoid making unnecessary purchases. Tip number 4: Buy second-hand. There are lots of groups on social media where parents sell pre-loved toys in good condition . You never know what bargains you may pick up! (On a side note, Letterkenny Community Childcare are taking a stand at the car boot sale, beside the Community Centre, this Saturday to raise funds for the centre. You may pick up a bargain and all donations are welcome!)Tip number 5: Discuss Christmas presents in advance with family and friends. We all like giving and receiving nice presents, but sometimes this can lead to pressure to “Keep up with the Joneses.” Instead, maybe try Secret Santa or set a budget of €5 for each person. The secret is to make whatever you are doing special. You don’t always need to spend money on gifts.Tip number 6: Shop around. This may seem obvious, but the price of toys and food can vary greatly from one shop to the next. This is where your lists from tip number two come in handy to help you keep track of all the items you need to buy.Tip number 7: Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. A great believer in shopping local, I have found that local shops are more likely to offer discounts on big-ticket purchases if you ask for them.Tip number 8: Cut up your credit card! May people get caught in the trap of Christmas shopping on plastic. They think they will pay it off after Christmas. Before they know it, it’s March or April and they are still trying to pay off those bills, often at interest rates of between 15% and 20%. If you can’t afford to pay for it in cash, then you can’t afford it! Shona Chambers QFA RPA is a Qualified Financial Advisor and Retirement Planning Advisor with John McColgan Financial Services. You can contact Shona on 074 9124366 to make an appointment.Money Matters: Getting the budget right for Christmas! was last modified: November 29th, 2016 by Shona ChambersShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Here are the nominees for the 41st annual Donegal Sports Star Awards

first_imgTHE organising committee have confirmed the list of nominations for the 2016 Donegal Sports Star Awards, ahead of the big bash on January 27.The event will be officially launched at the Mount Errigal Hotel next Monday with the same venue to host the function at the end of the month.The list of nominees for the 41st annual presentation function are below. Tickets details for the awards function will be released next week.2016 Donegal Sports Star Awards NomineesAppreciationGary McCullagh, Raphoe Boxing Club Richard Tinney, Raphoe Hockey ClubSeamus Maguire, Donegal Bay Rowing ClubAthleticsBrendan Boyce, Letterkenny A.C.David Smith, Letterkenny A.C. Kelly McGrory, Tír Chonaill A.C.Mark English, UCD. A.C.BadmintonChloe Magee, Raphoe Joshua Magee, RaphoeRachael Darragh, RaphoeSam Magee, RaphoeBasketballDillon Muldoon, Donegal Town Basketball ClubPádraig Mac Gettigan Letterkenny BlazeSeán Mac Gettigan, L.Y.I.TSophie Carr, Donegal Town Basketball ClubBoxingBrett McGinty, Oakleaf A.B.C.Chloe McDaid, Illies Golden Gloves A.B.C.John Moran, Illies Golden Gloves A.B.C.Labhaoise Clarke, Carndonagh A.B.C.Paddy McShane, Letterkenny A.B.C.CamogieEimear Toland, Na Magha, DoireRhianne McDermott, BurtSinead O’Kane, St. Eunan’sClay Pigeon ShootingDavid McGroary, Donegal TownGearóid Driver, Raphoe Gun ClubJoe O’Donnell, Carrigans & St. Johnston Gun ClubMark Barnett, Raphoe Gun ClubCoachDavey Hone, Buncrana Hearts & Scoil Mhuire, BuncranaJames Cassidy & Paddy Gallagher, Termon U-14 Boys Gaelic Football TeamMandy McNulty, North West Shotokan Karate ClubSean Paul Barrett, Donegal GAA Minor FootballShauna Carlin, Finn Valley Athletic ClubCue SportsEamon Harkin, North West Snooker Club, LetterkennyRonan Whyte, North West Snooker Club, LetterkennySean Devenney, North West Snooker Club, LetterkennyShaun Sharkey, DungloeCyclingClaire McIlwaine, Letterkenny & Phoenix C.C., BelfastMitchell McLaughlin, DrumkeenShauna McFadden, LetterkennyDartsAlasdair Moore, LetterkennyAnthony Whoriskey, NewtowncunninghamJohn Flood, MilfordJordan Boyce, NewtowncunninghamPaddy Boyce, NewtowncunninghamEquestrianDylan Browne McMonagle, LetterkennyGavin Harley, Rathdonnell, LetterkennyKenneth Graham, MuffÓisín Orr, BallyareGAAConor O’Donnell, LetterkennyEoin McHugh, KilcarPaddy McBrearty, KilcarPaddy McGrath, ArdaraRyan McHugh, KilcarYvonne McMonagle, GlenfinnGolfPatrick Page, Letterkenny Golf ClubPhilip Cassidy, Letterkenny Golf ClubMichael Shiel, Letterkenny Golf ClubGymnasticsEmily E O’Connor Letterkenny Community Gymnastics ClubEmmaléi Murphy, Letterkenny Community Gymnastics ClubHandballAvril McNamee, Sean MacCumhaillsOdhrán McGlynn, GlenfinnOisín Marley, Red HughsHockeyAlexander Tinney, Raphoe Hockey ClubBen Wallace, RaphoeDenise McElhinney, Raphoe Ladies Hockey ClubLuke Witherow, Raphoe Hockey ClubSarah Boal, Raphoe Ladies Hockey ClubSimon Goudie, Raphoe Hockey ClubVictoria Wray, Raphoe Ladies Hockey ClubHurlingDanny Cullen, SetantaLee Henderson, Sean MacCumhaillsPádraig Doherty, BurtInternational AchievementBernie O’ Callaghan, KillybegsJim Doherty, NewtowncunninghamKieran Murray, RameltonPJ Gallagher, DungloeMartial ArtsNatasha Doherty, Three Rivers Shotokan Karate Club (Karate)Patrick McFadden, Ramelton (Kickboxing)Stephen John Carlin North West Shotokan Karate Club (Karate)TJ McMenamin, Convoy (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)MotorcyclingCaolán Irwin, KilmacrennanRhys Irwin, KilmacrennanRichard Kerr, KilmacrennanMotorsportDeclan & Brian Boyle, LettermacawardDonagh Kelly, FrossesManus Kelly, Glenswilly & Donal Barrett, MilfordMarty Gallagher, Letterkenny & Dean O’Sullivan, ConvoyPaddy Robinson, KilmacrennanTimothy Duggan, MilfordOlympic RecognitionBrendan Boyce, Letterkenny A.C.Chloe Magee, RaphoeMark English, UCD. A.C.Patsy McGonagle, Finn Valley A.C.Rena McCarron-Rooney, BuncranaSinead Jennings, LetterkennyTori Pena, Finn Valley A.C.PowerliftingJames Collins, CuldaffJohn Watson, LetterkennyMegan Keown, LetterkennyPaulina Coleman, StranorlarPrimary School (Small <100)Little Angels Special School, LetterkennyScoil Náisiúnta An Choimín, An ChlochánTiernasligo N.S, Urris, ClonmanyPrimary School (Large>100)Niall Mór NS KillybegsScoil Mhuire gan Smál, Leitir CeanainnScoil Mhuire N.S., RameltonScoil Naomh Bríd, MuffScoil Naomh Fiachra, IllistrinSt. Patrick’s N.S., Lurgybrack, LetterkennyPrimary School Sports BoyBoyd Russell, Gartan N.S., ChurchillEvan Keown, Scoil Naomh Fiachra, IllistrinJoseph Peter Gillespie, Sessiaghoneill N.S., BallybofeyLuke Mag Fhloinn, Scoil Náisiúnta An Choimín, An ChlochánPatrick McGarvey, Dungloe N.S.Primary School Sports GirlCaoimhe Nig Fhloinn, Scoil Náisiúnta An Choimín, An ChlochánHannah Murray, St. Mary’s N.S., CastlefinMolly Nulty, Scoil Naomh Fiachra, IllistrinSarah Bradley, Gaelscoil Adhamhnáin, Leitir CeanainnPrimary School Sports TeacherIrene Mc Fadden, Scoil Mhuire gan Smál, Leitir CeanainnLaura Ní Ghallachóir, Scoil Náisiúnta An Choimín, An ChlochánOrla Sullivan, Scoil Mhuire N.S., RameltonProfessional Sport AchievementConrad Logan, Rochdale A.F.C.RowingEdward Broekart, BrucklessKieran McDyre, GlentiesPatrick Boomer, Loughros Point Rowing ClubSinead Jennings, LetterkennyRugbyJoseph Dunleavy, LetterkennyKatie Norris, MovilleLarissa Muldoon, Cappry, BallybofeyNora Stapleton, FahanSecondary SchoolAbbey Vocational School, Donegal TownCarndonagh Community SchoolColáiste Cholmcille, BallyshannonLoreto Secondary School, LetterkennyScoil Mhuire, BuncranaSecondary School Sports BoyAaron McColgan, Scoil Mhuire BuncranaBrendan O’Donnell St. Eunan’s College, LetterkennyCaolan O’Callaghan, Abbey Vocational School, Donegal TownConor Breslin, Deele College RaphoeConor O’Donnell, St. Eunan’s College, LetterkennyGareth Doherty, St. Columba’s College, StranorlarIan Brennan, St. Columba’s College, StranorlarJames Kelly, Royal & Prior Comprehensive School, RaphoeOdhran McFadden Ferry, Gweedore Community SchoolPat Loughrey, Scoil Mhuire, BuncranaPeadar Mogan, Abbey Vocational School, Donegal TownSeosamh Ó Donnléibhe, Coláiste Ailigh, Leitir CeanainnSecondary School Sports GirlAisling Nee, Loreto Secondary School, LetterkennyAmy Boyle Carr, St. Columbas Comprehensive School, GlentiesArlene Crossan, Loreto Secondary School, LetterkennyCatherine Grier, Mulroy College, MilfordChloe McDaid, Crana College, BuncranaClaire Doherty, Loreto Secondary School, LetterkennyClaudia Cuskelly, Loreto Secondary School, LetterkennyDaniella Jansen, St. Columba’s College, StranorlarDanielle McDevitt, St. Columbas Comprehensive School, GlentiesEadaoin O’Raw, Scoil Mhuire, BuncranaGrainne Russell, Loreto Community School, MilfordLaura Crossan, Loreto Secondary School, LetterkennyMia McCalmont, Abbey Vocational School, Donegal TownOlivia Cuskelly, Loreto Secondary School, LetterkennySophie Carr, Abbey Vocational School, Donegal TownTyler Toland, Deele College RaphoeSecondary School Sports TeacherAoife De Nais, Gairmscoil Chú Uladh, Béal Átha Móir, An ChlochánEvelyn Crampsie, Mulroy College, MilfordMartin Cavanagh, Carndonagh Community SchoolMary Bourne, Loreto Secondary School, LetterkennyPaddy McDaid, Finn Valley CollegePadraig Curley, Loreto Community School, MilfordTonia Ní Chadhla, Coláiste Ailigh, Leitir CeanainnSoccerAdrian Delap, Derry City ReservesAmy Boyle Carr, GlentiesConor O’Donnell, LetterkennyMarc Walsh, GweedoreRoma McLaughlin, Peamount United, DublinTyler Toland, Maiden City, DerrySpecial AthleteCormac Sweeney, Nemo Special Olympics Swim Club, BallyshannonEoin Rooney, Nemo Special Olympics Swim Club, BallyshannonEthan Daly, Nemo Special Olympics Swim Club, BallyshannonLaoise Lennox, Nemo Special Olympics Swim Club, BallyshannonSurf LifesavingLisa Anderson, LetterkennyMia Monaghan, Rossnowlagh Surf ClubPaddy Bond, LetterkennyTriona McMenamin, LetterkennySwimmingCora Rooney, Ballyshannon Marlins Swim ClubEadaoin O’Raw, City of Derry Swimming ClubGrainne Russell, Swilly SealsIan Gaynor, Fahan & Widener University, PhiladelphiaJonathan Martin, Swilly SealsJoyce Hudy, Swilly SealsThomas Coyle, Swilly SealsTeamCockhill Celtic F.C.Donegal Derry VipersDonegal GAA Minor Football TeamDonegal Under 13 Relay Swim TeamDonegal Under 15 Sportshall Athletics TeamLetterkenny Golf Club Seniors TeamNorth West Shotokan Karate ClubRaphoe Ladies 1st XI Hockey TeamSt. Eunan’s Under 16 Boys Gaelic Football TeamTermon Under 14 Boys Gaelic Football TeamTriathlonAidan Callaghan, Letterkenny 24-7 Triathlon ClubBrendan Murphy, Letterkenny 24-7 Triathlon ClubGavin Crawford, Letterkenny 24-7 Triathlon ClubJohn Connaghan, Letterkenny 24-7 Triathlon ClubMargaret Kelly, Letterkenny 24-7 Triathlon ClubNicholas Fowell, Letterkenny 24-7 Triathlon ClubHere are the nominees for the 41st annual Donegal Sports Star Awards was last 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Mobile web applications – do they need the browser?

first_imgWhy IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Related Posts Tags:#mobile#web by AjitJaokar(Richard’s Note: Ajit is the second of my guest bloggers on Read/WriteWeband he will be writing on Mobile Web 2.0 and digital convergence. Ajit runs a bookpublishing company called futuretext, whichspecializes in these topics. He also chairs Oxford university’s next generation mobileapplications panel and is a member of the Web 2.0Workgroup.) In the nextfive years the number of global web surfers will quadruple from 500million to 2 billion people. One billion of those people will come onto the Webusing cheap pocket and wrist devices running multimedia content.In parallel, as web 2.0 starts to become mainstream, browser technology is becomingpervasive. In the PC/Internet world, the browser is fast becoming the universal client.However, there is a crucial difference between the PC world and the browser world.In the PC world: for desktop apps we need one type of program to run a specific type of application (MSWord to view word documents, Excel to view spreadsheets and so on). In contrast, we canuse the browser to view any type of application – i.e. one client for many applications.This makes application development more optimal and less susceptible to the vagaries ofsoftware running on the client, in this case the PC.So with higher spec mobile devices and greater bandwidth, let us consider thequestion: can or should ALL mobile applications be implemented using browsertechnology?After all, the browser works well on the PC as a universal client – why not on themobile device? A corollary to this question is: are there fundamental differences withbrowsing on a mobile device vs. browsing on the web?To understand the differences between browsing on the web and on a mobile device, wehave to consider factors such as:a) Intermittent connections – unlike on the web, the wireless networkconnection is relatively unstable and is affected by factors such as coverage (e.g. youlose your connection in a tunnel);b) Bandwidth limitations – for example even when 3G coverage is available, theactual bandwidth is far less;c) The need for data storage on the client – if the device has no (or little)local storage, all data has to be downloaded every time. This is not optimal givenintermittent and expensive bandwidth;d) Finally, and most importantly, a local application provides a richer userexperience – especially for applications such as games.There are other factors such as limited user input capabilities, screen sizes and soon.Some of the above factors are getting better, for example coverage blackspots aredecreasing. But the overall user experience remains one of the most importantfactors.So, to answer our question – no, we cannot develop all mobile applications using thebrowser only. However, as we shall show in subsequent posts, these limitations are beingovercome through Ajax and mobile web 2.0.Ajit Jaokar’s blog about mobileweb 2.0 is Open Gardens.Photo: lis186 richard macmanuscenter_img What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more